Save The Arts....

Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about the arts in this country. Since I was a small kid, the arts has been a very important part of my life. It was my escape and as I got older, my livelihood. Unfortunately now, the place that made me who I am and it's people, is in dire jeopardy.

I first stepped into KLPac when I was 17, and from that moment, I knew I belonged there. Finally, a performing arts centre that was nurturing the arts and allowing new talents to hone their skills and learn so much more. This was a stepping stone for anyone out there who wanted to get into the arts. 8 years and several productions later, i'm still there and nothing has changed my views. KLPac is still the foremost place for people to learn, discover and hopefully make a career in the arts. But all that is set to change soon if we don't get the help we need.

I've always said the one thing lacking for the arts in this country is funding. There just isn't enough of it. While our neighbouring country, Singapore, gets 365 million dollars a year for the arts from the government, Malaysia's arts gets peanuts from our own government. It's a shame because there really is a lot of talent in our country, but unfortunately our government does not see the arts full potential. While they spend their money on many frivolous things we don't really need, the arts is screaming for help, each and every year and now, things have taken a turn for the worst. 

I woke up this morning only to see my biggest fears confirmed. This article from The Sun was all over Facebook. The headline was enough to strike huge fear and concern in my heart. 

Now this isn't the first time Joe & Faridah have reached out for funds, but this time it has gotten to a real dire state. If no help is given soon, KLPac may not be around for much longer, and that is a scary reality I do not want to see. To understand what I mean, do click on the headline to read the article.

People, save the arts please. Any way you can, we need your help. Say what you want about KLPac, at the end of the day, the arts will not be the same without it as well as Joe & Faridah. They have done so much for the arts in Malaysia and now they need you. Please don't let this hub for the arts disappear. It just can't happen. So I beg of you, read the article, and spread the article as many ways as you can. Talk about it, blog about it, post it on Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. Anything. Anything to help get the word out. And if you know somebody that could possibly be able to help with the funds, plea with them to help. Please.

Let's save the arts.

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