Emotional History....

Wow, that was an emotional two days to say the least. And in true Dorian fashion, it was documented here for all to see. But it's not just that. This really is a place for me to remember things. With all that happens year after year, I tend to forget a lot of points in my life, but thanks to this little time machine here, every emotional outburst, social outing, acting gig, is documented. Well, from 2004 onwards at least. 

From time to time, I will sit and start going through the old posts and often finding myself cringing at my writing styles and screaming "What the hell was wrong with you?!?". But it's nice in a way. I know some people say that this is a cry for attention but it's not. Well not all the time at least. Maybe once or twice. But anyway, when i'm old and grey one day, I will look back at all this and be really thankful I wrote this all down. An online diary. Yeah, there may some embarrassing posts, but i'm not afraid to keep them here. Because this right here, this is me. As raw as it gets.

In 50 years time, a lot may have changed. Hoverboards and self lacing Nike's hopefully will be around (and if they do, you better have one) and my blog will still be here. Hoping the internet speed in the future would be much faster than it is now. If it isn't, what the hell is going on???

So future me, wherever you are reading this, remember all this. You were once a whiny little kid. You were once a confused teenager. You were a passionate young adult. You were you. 

Remember to take your meds old man. You're gonna need them.

Oh and btw, if the Doctor is still around when you read this Old Dorian, remember how much of a Whovian you were. You said Allons-y at least once a week. Oh and don't forget cool beans. If you ever as forget that phrase, i'll be very disappointed in you. 

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